Amphibious Ready Squadron 3 Commodore visits the 13th MEU

16 Jan 2003 | Sgt. Mark P. Ledesma 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit

The Amphibious Ready Squadron 3 Commodore, Capt. Stephen D. Doyle, and his staff visited the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit Command Element here, Jan. 16, to establish a strong camaraderie between their Navy and Marine Corps team, and discuss plans for the scheduled Peleliu ARG/13th MEU deployment this summer.

"We both felt that it was very important for Capt. Doyle's staff and the staff of the 13th MEU to get a chance to know one another so we can begin to bond and build favorable relationships which will make for a smooth deployment," said Col. Michael R. Regner, commanding officer, 13th MEU.

Doyle and his staff toured around Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton with Regner and several 13th MEU staff members, beginning with breakfast at the South Mesa Staff Noncommissioned Officer's Club followed by a tour of the Modern Day Marine Exposition held at the same location.  During the exposition, the PHIBRON staff had a chance to view some of the military's latest gadgets.

"They had a chance to see a lot of our new technology, such as night vision goggles, different types of sniping devices, weapons, knives and different types of solvent used for maintenance," said Regner.  "Some of the things at the exposition were also applicable for the Navy as well as the Marine Corps."

After departing the exposition, the Commodore visited Range 130 to watch the 13th MEU's Maritime Special Purpose Force Marines conduct Close Quarter Battle drills. 

Following the demonstration, the visitors got a chance to fire the M16A4 rifle used by the MSPF.

"The hospitality shown by the MEU has been super," said Doyle.

Doyle said, meeting the some of the Marines he was going to work with was the best part of the entire visit, a statement the MEU CO seconded.

"Not only did we formulate a better relationship, but we were also able to discuss ways to enhance our war fighting skills," said Regner.

Although the commanders have never worked together before, both are looking forward to deploying with each other.

"I look forward to deploying with such a fine young friend," said Regner.  "I call him 'young' because he has lots of energy, and I like people with lots of energy and creativity."    

13th Marine Expeditionary Unit